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Wiped out (nearly)

Over thew years I've done a few things that some might consider quite dangerous, I've learnt to ride horses, I've dived some pretty deep caves, I've dropped some pretty big holes and even been on a SunSail Holiday but I haven't come quite as close to death as I did this morning.

En route to Basingstoke I overtook a car south of Lyndhurst in the New Forest doing (ahem) mph, it was at this point that a quite simply enormous stag happily leapt the 6 foot fence next to road and looked at me. I hit the brakes hard enough for the car to properly start to shake as the ABS kicked in. I was the first real emergency stop I think I've ever done, normally when I brake hard I think about the car behind me, today I thought about the deer ahead of me, he was simply beautiful, muscled, huge antlers and looked  very erm heavy. He looked at me, I looked at him, he turned, easily leapt back to Forest as I screamed by. All over in 1.2 seconds - bloody hell, that was close .....