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Eating alone.

So it's wet, it's raining and I'm in London, I'm hungry and I'm ...alone. Now over the past few days I've been stuck in town on business and I really, really don't know what to do about food. Or more specifically what to do about eating alone. Ever since I was way younger that I am now I've hated being in restaurants alone and so I try, if I can to avoid it at all costs. Tonight, however, I really was hungry, I had already tied the alternatives over the previous nights, sandwhich (yuk), Big Mac (OK but honestly speaking at the upper end of yuk) and some Pizza which was great but doesn't count because it was bouht for me by Microsoft at an evening event (also I wasn't alone, as I was surrounded by fellow compuer architects ...). Anyways here I was damp, hungry and uncertain. So this dude pops out of an Indian and says 'frush cooks doshs' "erm sorry?" 'frush cooks doshs' "Nope don't now what you're saying" - which to him sounds like 'Nooo dooo naw woooot yaaaah saaaaayingz' and there we stand..."Erm got a table for ...one?" (I am, in part, responsible for multi-million pound projects...but ordering tables - nope that's not me). Of course he has, I go in.
What a fabulous time, it's dry, warm, the food is excellent and I get chatting to these two teachers (inevitably) who are sitting alongside me. Eating alone, all in all not so bad after all.