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Latecomers and full guest list

Tim Lewingdon and his family have now asked to come along as well as Gareth Davies and his family.

Hard man Gareth is camping but the Southern softie Tim is going for a luxury chalet. This brings our full complement up to;

Campers ....

  1. Andy and Dave Dobson (camping)
  2. Bill Buxton + Partner (camping)
  3. Alison Ball + Partner (camping)
  4. Brian Clipstone (camping + electricity)
  5. Paul Tarrant (camping)
  6. Gareth Davies + Family (camping)

In the Chalets  ....

  1. Dominic Hyland (chalet)
  2. Denise Knibbs (chalet)
  3. Tim Lewingdon (chalet if we can get it, camping if not)
  4. Gary Vaughan (chalet - 1 week only)
  5. Paul Meredith (chalet)
  6. Sue Mabbet (chalet)

Apart from Tim, Denise Knibbs has managed to confirm booking all the Chalets and we'll be getting on with the Pitch booking shortly.



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